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To authorize the site to fetch your media, you'll need to create a Facebook app and add your Instagram user account as a test user.

Follow steps 1 - 5 here: Instagram Basic Display Api : Get Started

Now that you have a short-lived token (1hr) you can follow the steps here: Instagram Basic Display Api : Long-Lived Access Tokens

Depending on whether your user is public or private, you now have an access token that lasts 60 or 90 days.

You will have to manually refresh this token before expiry

If this sounds a little too manual for your liking, you can use a service such as Instant Tokens, which handles the refreshing of the long-lived token for you.

If it is your Instagram account, you can follow the first part of How to display your Instagram feed on a website using Instant Tokens or if it is a client's Instagram account you can follow How to add an Instagram account that you don't have access to

Both will result in providing you the access token from the dashboard. You can copy a url by clicking here:

Or copy the url manually. Visiting that url in a browser window will reveal your token eg


Enter the access token under Settings > General along with your username. Then add the Instagram feed widget where you want the feed to appear on your site.



  • Image Count


  • Link Images

  • Link To Instagram Account

  • Container Width

  • Image Width

  • Remove Image Border

  • Background Color

  • Animate

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