The footer is built up using widgets, these widgets can be found on your Site node under the section Footer. You can set a width for each widget and control the alignment.

The footer will use the dark background as default but on the Theme node you can set it to white. Here you can also set the footer Container Width.


The contact widget shows your address, phone number and email.

The navigation widget print out links that you add, you can also choose to show deeper levels of navigation by selecting Levels of Children.


Simple text widget, you can also add buttons here.

Opening Hours


Line Break

Creates a full width line break making columns added after this widget appear on a new row. You can set a custom height and also print out a small divider.


Allow you to add custom HTML code to the footer.

Bottom Text

Small text visible in the bottom of the footer. This could be a copyright text or something along those lines.

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