Multilingual site


To set up the languages for your site first go to the Settings > Languages section in Umbraco. Here you can add and remove languages.

Go back to the Content section and right click on the Site node then select Cultures and Hostnames.

Add a path to each of the language you want to include.

Next select a language from the dropdown above the content tree.

Make sure you publish the Site node and the setting nodes for the new language.

If you now go back to your site you will see a language picker in the header.

If we select the swedish page now it will navigate to that Site node, or if a variation exist of the current page it will link to that.

Flag and language name

By default we will try to find a matching flag and print out the language name from Umbraco. But you can override this by opening the Site node and going to the Navigation section. Here you can select a new Language name and a new Language Flag. You can also hide the Language picker from the header.

Dictionary Items

Igloo has a couple of dictionary items that is used throughout the site. To edit these go to the Translation section of Umbraco. When a new language is added in Umbraco they will become available here as well.

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