Install Umbraco CMS

For more help on how to install Umbraco see Umbraco documentation.

Make sure to do a Customized install of umbraco so you don't install Umbracos own starter-kit since this will collide with Igloo templates.

If you want to use Umbraco Cloud simply follow the steps after choosing a plan.

Install Igloo Theme

If you intend to use Umbraco Forms in your project make sure to install that before installing Igloo Theme.

The package is installed using nuget, you can find the package here There you can find the correct command to install the nuget package.

After you have installed the nuget package you need to build the solution, this will copy all the Igloo files into the solution. Now you are ready to run the site, when running the site for the first time a package migration will copy all the document types etc. into your site. A default site with no content will be added on install, you can publish the nodes if you want to use the default setup and start building your site!

Umbraco Cloud

Right now there is a problem where our package migration won't run in Umbraco Cloud and gives you a "Boot failed"-error. To get around this you can simply follow these steps

  1. Connect your local install to your cloud database by changing the ConnectionString in your appsettings.json.

  2. Start your local site with dotnet run and the migration will install to the database.

  3. You can now push all the changes to your cloud environment and everything should be up and running. You only need to do this once.

Activate License

There's two ways to activate a license, either you can create an Igloo.key file with your license key in it in your igloo folder in your project. Or you can go to the Igloo tab under Settings in Umbraco and put your license key in the textarea and then just click the "Register" button. This will create an Igloo.key file under the /igloo folder.

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