The Sitemap node should be placed directly under your Site node.

Once added it will generate sitemap on url found in the info tab of the Sitemap node.

Connect Sitemap in Robots.txt

Add the following line to your Robots.txt file to help crawlers find the sitemap


Add multiple Sitemap links for multilingual sites.


There are some great packages that allows you to edit Robots.txt file from the Umbraco backoffice. ⟶ Friendly Robots, Robots.txt Editor

Page settings for sitemap

In the SEO section of any page you will find some settings for Sitemap

Hide From Search Engines

Tell web crawlers to not index this page. Also removes this page from the sitemap

Sitemap Page Priority

The priority of this page relative to other pages on your site. Default is 0.5

Sitemap Page Change Frequently

How frequently the page is likely to change. This value provides general information to search engines and may not correlate exactly to how often they crawl the page.

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